Introduction to DONATIONS

Introduction to DONATIONSWhile donations could fall into the realm of funding, we’ll use these donation blog posts to track media stories concerning the collections of funding through donations. We’ll explore various and innovative donation programs and initiatives.

Donations bring in cash for charity organization, and do offer a sense of participation by those you donate. But, there is a balancing act between and how and when to ask for a donation. We’ll explore and analyze best practices for asking for donations so that charity organizations can maximize their intake without blemishing their reputation by asking in an unseemly manner.

Let’s state the obvious before we delve into specific in future blog posts, but donations are not always limited to pocket change and $1,000 checks. They can be used clothing, food from the grocery store, clean blankets, and so much more. And, it can be people lending a helping hand. Time and effort. There is much we can discuss in future blog posts.

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