Introduction to FUNDING

Introduction to FUNDINGThe mere mention of charity brings to mind money and funding. Aside from the actual good deeds the charity organization is doing, the common thought by the general public not needing the services of the organization is that is funding. While vitally important to the day-to-day operations of the charity organization, one would not have to look too deeply into the annals of news media to find stories of theft, corruption, and a stern wagging of the finger at the executive levels of these organizations who make a considerable income. A saddening shadow cast on an otherwise angelic notion – that of charity.

In these Funding posts, we’ll explore and analyze news stories, misconceptions, warranted finger-wagging, and ways to correct public perception of those involved with charity organizations and the all-to-often forgotten aspect that charity is people. And people need to commit time and energy to make the charity a reality. All of the money and funding in the world is useless without people helping to bring the services to those who the organizations means to serve.

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