About Us

Our Mission

Nerds For a Cause’s mission is to inspire and connect the nerd and geek communities with charitable organizations. There are many wonderful charities out there doing amazing work, but most people are not aware they they even exist. We are changing that through our spotlight campaigns where we inspire and help people do good things in the community and around the world by providing an easy way for them to get involved with charities by either becoming a follower and promoting the charity, raising funds by purchasing our unique limited edition spotlight T-shirts, or lending a helping hand.

Working together with non-profit charity organizations, Nerds For a Cause will raise awareness, help to raise funds and inspire new followers to sustain the good deeds of these charitable organizations.

Kris & MyChelle Andrews / Nerds For A CauseOur Story

Nerds For a Cause is founded by Kris and MyChelle Andrews. By trade, they’re both in the IT field. Trained as software engineers. Programmers. Database architects. Even hardware techs. They’ve worn a lot of different hats since 1986. They’ve seen a lot of change in the IT field, as well. When they weren’t at work, which was too often, they found time to participate in non-profit organizations. Collectively, they have 60+ years of working with and being part of non-profit organizations. They found that to be amazingly satisfying.

In November 2012, Kris became another statistic in the job market. He was laid off. Not because of poor job performance, but because, as a remote worker, he no longer fit into the new paradigm. Something about Agile. He, and many others we’re given a severance check and told to leave. In this moment, Kris and MyChelle took time to reflect on what they had accomplished and where they wanted to go. They agreed it was time to change their plans and life goals. There had to be something other than an IT field that saw more and more jobs sent to foreign markets. But what?

Embracing their entrepreneurial spirit, they embarked on a journey to create a company that gave back. In a time of unstablility in the job market, their focus of working with charities, they wanted to give even more than that had in the past. Recently, when watching the movie Iron Man 2 where Tony Stark (Iron Man – you knew that) was talking to the audience at the expo he was hosting. In his opening talk to the audience, he said something that struck a nerve with Kris and MyChelle. It was so powerful, it has since become their personal mantra. Below, is what Tony Stark had to say.

“It’s not about me.
It’s not about you.
It’s not even about us.
It’s about legacy.
It’s about what we choose to leave behind for future generations…
To leave behind a brighter future.”

And there it was. A broadcast to span the ages. A foundational belief that they can be better. With that mantra, they set out to change the world, one T-shirt at a time.