How It Works

We work together with non-profit organizations in what we call, Spotlight Campaigns. During these campaigns we build awareness for the organization through social media. As part of the campaign, we’ll sell custom unique T-shirt designs. For each T-shirt we sell, we’ll donate $5 to the non-profit charity organization. For example, if we sell 1,000 T-shirts, we’ll give $5,000 to the organization.

Imagine the power of 1,000 T-shirts being worn, giving
those passionate fans an opportunity to talk about the organization!

All spotlight campaigns run for a limited amount of time. Once that campaign ends, so do the sales of those specific custom T-shirts. In addition to being fabulous T-shirts, they are collectors items! These designs will never be offered again.

Upon completion of the Spotlight Campaign, we count up the number of T-shirts sold and present a check to the non-profit organization. We’ll share lots of fun photos with the community, and remind everyone that attention does not end here for the non-profit. While our efforts have ended with this specific Spotlight Campaign, we encourage everyone who is able, to continue their support of the organization going forward.