Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Nerds For a Cause a for-profit rather than a non-profit?

In our 60+ years of cumulative association with non-profit organizations, we know the pain of running such an organization. The restrictions and guidelines are overwhelming and accounting requirements are expensive. Consulting with other professionals, we determined that with greater flexibility of being a for-profit company, we could determine how much we give and to which organizations.

Why does Nerds For a Cause only give $5?

We’re a for-profit company, founded by social entrepreneurs. We want to give, but not to the point where we cannot operate. If we fail, we can’t continue to give, and charities suffer. Not only is $5 a substantial amount of our revenue to donate, its also symbolic. Five dollars denotes five fingers of a hand. For each $5 we donate, that’s a symbolic helping hand.

Where does the rest of your revenue go to?

Operating expenses. As with any for-profit company, we have the cost of doing business. Pens, paper, computers, phone, utilities, rent, accounting and legal fees, marketing, payroll, production costs, and more.

Where are your products made and printed?

The products we offer come from all over the globe. Generally, though, the printing occurs in the United States of America.

Where do you get your art?

While we make the final decision on what art is used, we are certainly not the be all end all of art design. There is a world of talented artists all across this world, from different cultures and speak different languages. As we have discovered, art can transcend language. Hope, love, and desire and will to help other others is common among all peoples. With that said, we regularly entertain submissions from artists, allowing them to make a positive difference, and to gain recognition for their good deeds and amazing art.

What is your privacy policy?

Your personal information is safe with Nerds For a Cause. For details see the full disclosure here [link]

How much is shipping and handling?

S&H in the continental USA is $5.99 International orders is $10.

How long will it take for me to receive my T-shirt?

Regardless of when you placed an order, T-shirts are printed immediately upon the close of the current spotlight campaign. Once printed they are shipped. Depending on your destination, shipping times can take 1-3 weeks.

Where are the T-shirt designs from past spotlight campaigns?
Can I order from past campaigns?

Each spotlight campaign has a short time frame in which unique limited edition T-shirt designs are available. The designs are specific to the cause. Once the spotlight campaign ends, we only print the exact number of T-shirts orders. We don’t print extras or hold any in inventory. If you missed a design from a past spotlight campaign, we’re sorry to hear about that. Please enjoy our current designs.

Can exchange my current size for another?

We only print an exact number of T-shirts based on orders for the current spotlight campaign. Due to this, we do not have any extra in inventory to make an exchange. Make sure you double-check our sizing chart to ensure you’re getting the proper size you expect.

How are your T-shirts printed?

We use screen printing with water-based inks. This is better for the environment and offer a softer touch feel to the printed design.